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Helping you fall in love with running.

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Join an online community of runners helping each other reach their running goals.

Share the journey. Draw strength and inspiration from each other.

So much more than an online program, First42K® is an online community.

  • Expect support and encouragement from your fellow First 42K runners
  • Access an exclusive member only accountability and support groups
  • Join weekly accountability calls, live meetup opportunities and more
  •  First-timers and seasoned runners welcomed

Not another boring PDF guide.

The First42K® running program gives you access to a comprehensive day-by-day training guide, with explainer videos for every exercise.

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  • Day-by-Day Workout Guide
  • Nutritional Video Classes
  • Running School for Training & Technique Tips
  • Bodyweight and equipment based Strength Workouts
  • Yoga Sessions for recovery and flexibility
  • Tools that take the guesswork out of training
  • Regular Live Q&A Sessions
  • Private Facebook Group Support
  • Expert Advice from our Coaches

You’ll also get access to our Runners Nutrition Channel, with videos on everything you wanted to know about how to fuel your running and training properly.

Topics covering:

  • Supplements
  • Hydration
  • Food
  • Pre-Run Nutrition
  • Post-Run Nutrition
  • Caffeine
  • Runners Gut
  • Heaps more!
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We’ll help you fall in love with running, no matter your current fitness level.

Our expertly crafted training program provides a step-by-step, day-by-day program that will get you over the finish line, safely.

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Each workout has been carefully designed to increase your strength and stamina, without overloading – so you get faster and stronger, safely, with a smile*.

*Smile not guaranteed.

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Get the expertise and experience, without the thousands of kilometres.

Designed by seasoned Ultra-Marathon runners and professional sports dieticians

Running changed our Coaches’ lives. With our help, it could change yours too.

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Inside, you’ll learn to:

  • Decrease stress and tension
  • Improve balance and stability
  • Improve strength and flexibility
  • Bulletproof your running body
  • Bring calm to your busy life

+ BONUS: 11-minute Mobility Video with Sports Therapist and Endurance Athlete Alyssa!

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    *Inside First42K you have access to an entire module of yoga videos! Sign up as a CLUB or PRO member with a 1-week free trial to access the entire yoga program today.

    Download “Sports Nutrition 101” & “Eating before your training sessions” of our Nutrition Module for FREE!

    Great Nutrition = Great performance.
    Poor Nutrition = Poor Performance.
    You make the choice.

    Inside, you’ll learn to:

    • Get the right amount of carbs, proteins, fats
    • Fuel yourself for peak performance and recovery
    • Different fasting approaches
    • What to eat before your long run
    • much more

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      *Inside First42K you have access to an entire nutrition module, with absolutely everything you need to know! Video sections include hydration, supplements, eating during your long run, eating after your long run… and more!