First42K is so much more than running, it’s an incredible community with like-minded people that really help you achieve any of your goals.

Marie Smith

First42K has helped me achieve my running goals, help me stay nice and consistent with my running, and it’s such a great community.

Sarah Mannell

First42K has helped me become a better runner. It's made me more accountable to my training, and I've loved being a part of the First42K Community.

Olivia Rundle

In the beginning, I was rather intimidated by running… and now I love it. First42K corrected my running technique, It showed me how far I could actually run to begin with, but then it supported me and drove me to go further. I can now run larger distances and I have a great time doing it. There are a lot of tips and tricks for how to run well and run further on the internet, but the one thing that's really invaluable is the community and the camaraderie that you get from First42K. There's always someone there supporting you and inspiring you to go further. It also adds that element of accountability which is absolutely invaluable if you want to push yourself and achieve more. If you're thinking of taking up running or getting back into running, I would highly recommend First42K. What have you got to lose?

Ryan Sheales

I never thought I'd say this but First42K has made me love running. From the elite programming to the huge emphasis on community, it's more than just a run club.

Matt Sipala

First42K has given me my love for running back and the community that has come with it is something that I will cherish forever.

Alicia Ayton

First42K isn't just any running program, it's the best running program and community, and I'm so glad that I joined.

Belinda Wilson

First42K has helped me run my fastest half marathon and its also given me really good structure to my running and training plans.

Tatum Fankhauser

First42K is the best running community that I have ever been a part of. They have the perfect blend of heart, purpose, and professionalism.

I know my running is getting smarter, my goals more purposeful, and with their support, I am so confident that I am going to knock out my running goals bigger, better, and faster than I ever could have imagined.

Nikki Langman

First42K has helped me stay nice and consistent with my running, as well as improving my technique.

Kailyn Brazier

First42K has helped me become a more efficient and focused runner, with the consistent training plans and variety of training including strength and interval training, and it has helped me achieve my first ever marathon time, which was a sub- four-hour marathon. So it's been an amazing help and I love the program.

Ujjwal Chaudhry

First42K has made me a better runner. It has corrected my technique and I’m feeling a lot more confident going on longer runs.

Jack Danaher

First42K has helped me improve my running technique.

Skyler Hay

First42K has helped me become a smarter runner and has helped me achieve 2 marathons already.

Mitch Cumming

First42K has helped me fall in love with running again and I’m looking forward to First42K helping me complete my first marathon.

Meghan Wood

First42K has allowed me to enjoy all the challenges that come with running and has helped me tick off goals I never thought I would have achieved yet.

Stacey Fleming

First42K has given me many opportunities and made me more accountable to my training.

Mel Coulson

I found First42K 15 months ago and in that time I've run 50 half marathons, three full marathons, and one ultra-marathon. I swear by it!

Pete Kavanagh